You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Start a Blog and Get an Audience, But…

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When we look at those big successful blogs, sometimes we feel tiny and wonder how am I ever going to be that big. And make money online.

Many people including me say, to make money from blog you should pick your passion or something you’re good at, so you can serve your audience with something in value.

Lisa from 2createawebsite regarding expertise, says something like, if you create a blog about making money online, you better have some experience or knowledge about it. Otherwise, why people want to read your content?

That makes sense. But the problem is, not everybody knows about their own passion, orĀ not everybody is already an expert on something.

You know what, it’s ok. There’s still a way. You can create a blog about your journey to achieve something.

Below are two inspirational stories you can learn from it.

The story of Patt Flyyn – Smartpassiveincome

For you who don’t know Patt from smartpassiveincome, he is one of the guy that has made it to make money online. And people listen to him.

If you read his story, the first real online business that generates income for him is selling people information on how to pass the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification.

At the beginning when he started the blog, it was just for fun, a distraction from his boring days of studying LEED materials. But when he failed the practice test, he became more serious in studying and used his blog to help him keeping track of his progress and helping other people in forums.

He created acronyms to help him remember. He took pictures and added those and created his own sample questions based off the reference guide, and when it got to a point where there was nothing else to add he had everything he needed to pass the exam.

So, he took the exam and passed, and became a certified LEED Accredited Professional.

With that achievement his paycheck soared, until he got laid out due to the slowdown of US economy.

One day he put Google analytics on his blog, there he noticed that there were many people flocked to his content. Then he learned about AdSense and put it on his blog. That’s when he saw the money started to roll in. After that he created a product that he wishes he had when he started studying for the certification. Then, his online income started to increase.

The story of Jia Jiang – Fearbuster

Jia Jiang is a guy who has a problem with rejection. He has been turned down by people and it crippled him. One day he learned something called rejection therapy. Basically, it says to conquer the fear of rejection, you go outside and get yourself rejected.

So, he made 100 videos in 100 days where he asked people ridiculous requests to get a “No” answer.

It turns out many people are interested with the journey that Jia Jiang took. He became quite popular. He has been featuredĀ  Even Google invite him to share his experiences and insight to their employees.


Patt Flynn and Jia Jiang when they started, they weren’t an expert. But along the way, they become the person that knows more than the rest. And their journey is about tackling a problem that many people have. If you can show them how to solve it, you’ll become one of the go to people and maybe people will be willing to trade your solution with their hard working money.

I hope this post will encourage in your online business journey, if you have any opinions, I would like to hear them. You can comment below.

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