What is a “Keyword”? And How to Create It Out Off an Article?

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Some senior bloggers may frown when reading the title above. Especially, with the second part of the question. Because we can’t create a keyword out of an article, but we can put it in an article.

Hehehe…well the title derives from a newbie’s questions.

I always believe, in this world if there’s one person asking that kind of questions, there will be the second one, may be there’s the third and the forth one. So let me explain it.

On the internet people seek information by using search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. People input a keyword(s) as a search query, for example “iphone 6 price”, “how to cook kangkung” and etc.

The search engine will then match the keyword(s) to the web pages from around the world indexed in its server. Then it will show the list of relevant pages containing the keyword(s).

Usually search engines match the keyword(s) to title, URL and meta description. Of course their algorithm can be more complex than what I’ve explained.

To determine the level of relevancy, a search engine like Google uses more less than 200 factors in its calculation. Thus if A and B wrote the same topic, the order or ranking in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) can be different.

Chasing keywords

Tools like the keyword planner in Google Adwords can show the number of query of certain keyword(s) within a certain period of time. Through the data some bloggers chase those keywords for traffic. Of course they has to compete with each other who also target the same keyword(s).

It’s really natural to chase certain keyword(s). Because for a site depending on the traffic from search engines, if nobody search for the topic, then nobody will come. Put it simply.

In addtition to the above, there are people who for SEO puts keywords unnaturally. As result its writing is bad for human readers.

Putting too much keywords into your article can do harm than good. The weight of each keywords at certain point will diminish and could start going down. You may even be suspected of practicing keyword stuffing.

Long Tail Keyword

When you become savvier, you will meet the term, long tail keyword.

The story is as follows. As the competition on keywords with one or two words starts increasing, people start to look for another search queries using more than 4 words. The traffic potential is not as big as the short ones, but the competition is lower at least for now.

Usually business owners, is more happy with long tail keywords because the buying intent is bigger. For example, “sell red running shoes for outdoor” instead of “red running shoes”.

So there you go.

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