Two Kind of Adsense Publisher, Which One Are You?

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In this post I will share with you two kind of Adsense Publisher in the sense of their ways of creating content.

1. Gatling gun content creator

Luffi gatling gunThis type of Adsense Publisher tries to create content as much as possible. Just like a Gatling Gun, spitting out post after post as many as possible.

Whatever he could think of, he put it down. Just get it out there to the world.

Brain iconHe doesn’t want to be told by his blog what to write or not to write.

The basic principle is the more contents you have the bigger net you create to “capture” people who doing searches in the internet. More traffic means higher possibility of people clicking the ad units they place on their site. That leads to a higher earning.

Some will go to the extend of taking popular posts and then recycle it using their own words or known as paraphrasing. Article spinning also one of the method used out there.

Of course without putting your own thought or research this is not quality. The goal is just chasing traffic and the money.

If you are working alone, it is impossible to chase quality while aiming for quantity. Since quality involves deeper research, creativity and design and more time. While quantity normally just scratch the surface of a topic.

The main source of their traffic is the search engines.

Honestly, if you have thousands of articles even it’s not your original content, this strategy still could bring money in.

2. Promoter content creator

PromotingBoth Gatling Gun content creator and promoter content creator need traffic. Without it, their blog will be worthless. It would be like a movie star without fans.

In order to pull traffic to his site, a promoter content creator promotes his blog or posts to other sites or blogs. Instead of using his resources in creating contents, he allocates most of them into promotions. The common method is to write a guest post.

The aim is to be in front of as many eyeballs as possible by going to sites or blogs that already have them.

This is necessary. Because by having only a few posts on his site it won’t create enough traction to pull traffic in from the search engines.

To promote thus he needs to create a good content that provides value to readers or else no one will accept his writing and publish it on their site.

Brain iconThe premise of promoter content creator is that they don’t want their blog to order them around to create content, content, and content. They want their post to work hard for them.

This type of Adsense Publisher also aims for virality. The more people who want to share and talk about his posts the more exposure he gets.

Derek Halpern is one of the guy who promote this kind of method.

My opinion

For me which method people use is fine with me. In making money everyone has their own business modelĀ  and preferences.

Me personally prefer to chase quality rather than quantity (at least lately). Because years from now, when I look back to my blog, I want to see that I’ve build something that matters.

Just like Bruce Lee when he died, he left a legacy in martial art. Something that can be passed on.

I would never ever be proud building something like a gossip blog that put a few photos and some words, like the famous Even though I like the earning she’s making.

The question you should ask yourselves if you are chasing quantity is how low are you willing to go down with the quality.

It is important to remember whatever you put it out there, it will create perception of your brand. Of course that is if you even care enough to create a brand.

And if you chase for quality, the question is can you promote? Some people will struggle with this.

Some sites like could have the advantage of both side. They can have the quality and quantity, since they have the resource. They offer $100 to anyone who want to write for them. Not Bad.

So how about you which Adsense Publisher do you want to be?

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