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The Blender Version to Use with SIMS 4 Studio


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The most recommended current version of Blender you can use to work with SIMS 4 Studio is 2.78.

You could use 2.79b. But in creating cloth CC, you will encounter a problem. Because in the Scene Tab of the Properties Panel, the 'S4Studio CAS Tools' doesn't appear. Meanwhile it's necessary to input the number of cut later on in the steps of creating cloth CC.

Sadly, SIMS 4 Studio doesn't work with Blender 2.8 above. You can still use it up to certain extent, but you need to export it back to 2.78 in order to be able to be imported to SIMS 4 Studio.

Sometimes I use the 2.8 or 2.9 to make my SIMS 4 animation. The reason is because there's an add on that enables me to edit the motion trail of the bones. It isn't available on the previous version of Blender.  Editing an animation using motion trail is much easier than using the graph editor which is very time consuming.


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