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TS4 CAS CC Troubleshoots


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1. Hair pocking out from the hat mesh.

hair pocking out from hat

Solution: You need to choose a hat clone that's on the same angle. Hat has two kind of angle.

hat angle


1. Extreme distortion

extreme distortion

Extreme distortions like this are caused by the choice of the garment to clone.
Your mesh has bones that your reference doesn't have.

You may use different cloth for the reference and different one for the clone.
But the bones that get affected (weight painted) on the reference and the clone must be the same.

2. Some vertices not moving along the body slider

vertices not moving along the shoulder slider

Body slider: It could be shoulder slider, breast slider, etc.
Make sure to limit your affected bones of your vertices to only 4. More than that, could potentially cause the problem.

S4S  limit only to 4 bones for each vertex. If you had more than 4, it will randomly delete them. So in your case S4S may delete the CAS bones.

CAS bones are the bones responsible for certain deformation.

3. Little vertices suddenly pocking out when your sims moves around.

It's weight paint problem. Use blur brush to smooth the problematic vertices. And make sure to only had 4 bones on each vertex.


4. Little gap on separated edges

little gap

Sometimes we separate edges for:

  1. Making meshgroups
  2. Avoiding dark shadows on a face due to two faces forming an angle under 90 degree.

Sometimes the split creates a problem of little gap.

Why it happens?

Short answer: different value of weight paint of vertices.

When we split, a vertex will becomes two vertices sits at the exact location in space. If somehow for whatever reason those vertices have different weight paint values (even if it's only little), then the gaps will happen. Because those vertices get different influence from the bones, thus creating differential position on the 3D space.

Below is an example when we examine two vertices that were split. In this case they have different values. I moved one vertex apart so you can see.

vertice values gap

The simple solution is on Edit Mode > On Mesh Tools > select all vertices (A) > Click remove doubles. This will make the weight paint values the same again. Then split them again.

Or if its between meshgroups, join them first, remove doubles, then separate them again.

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