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Preparation for SIMS4 CC Retopology


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I prefer to have these add ons for retopology:

  1. Edge Flow by Benjamin Saunder
    A free add on. To rearrange your vertices in good position.
  2. Draw X-Ray by bartoszstyperek
    A free add on. When activating the "In Front" feature to see our topology faces, Blender shows all the faces on the backside of our object too, thus it confuses us when we try to work from the our view. This add on will hide everything on the back. You don't need to use the "In Front" feature anymore, but still you can see all your faces clearly.
    It was made for Blender 2.8, but still working on Blender 3.0. For more detail watch this YouTube add on review.
    Draw X ray add on
  3. Loop Tools
    Native add on to rearrange your vertices in good position.
  4. F2
    Native add on to extends Blender native functionality of creating faces. It allows you to create a face from a single vertex selection or a single edge selection, while retaining all the built-in functionality.
  5. Merge Tools by Andreas Strømberg
    Free add on that can combine vertices by click and drag instead of the default where you have to press M and then choose how you want to merge them.


Enable snapping to face
Your quad will snap to the face/surface of your high poly

snap to face for retopology

Backface Culling
If ticked, the quad won't snap to the back side of a face.
Each face has two sides. The front and the back. The back side is the side that won't get rendered.

Project Onto self
If ticked, you can snap to your own mesh. Useful when you changed to vertex snap and there are two objects selected on edit mode.

Project Individual Elements
This will ensure every vertices and edges will snap to the high poly.

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