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Making a Hijab CC Tips and Tricks


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I've been trying to make a hijab for almost more than a month. Because I can't get everything on a silver plate. I have to figure out, what possible or not.

Not all type of hijab can be made on TS4

For example making a hijab that's so low covering the arm. If there were mesh area between the arms and the body, that mesh will definitely clip with the body at certain mov

ement. No matter how you weight painting it. It could look good on certain animation, but it will clip at other animation.

hijab problematic area

You should avoid these kind of hijab.

Face clipping

In TS4 you can change the shape of your character face using the slider.

You might find your hijab clips like this.

hijab face clipping

The problem is on the vertex color. Use 007F3F on certain area. Here are the example of TS4 Hijab.

hijab vertex colors

If you're making a hijab whose lenght beyond the breast, you need to have:
with the weight paint. Even though the TS4 hijab doesn't have CAS breast bones. If not, your hijab won't adapt with the breast slider.



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