How to Send a Package in Indonesia

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When you’re in Indonesia you might need to send a package to someone in another city. This article will show you how to do it.

How to write a receiver address

In order for your package to arrive at the destination on time, you should provide a full address on your package. It should contain the following information:

  1. Alamat / Street information – this may contain a street name / a cluster area name / a block area (if exists) / a house number / a building name, etc. You may also add extra information, such as: in front of XYZ hospital, to help the courier finds the address.
  2. RT (Rukun Tetangga) / neighbourhood
  3. RW (Rukun Warga) / hamlet
  4. Kelurahan / the urban village
  5. Kecamatan / the district
  6. Kota or Kabupaten / the city or regency
  7. Provinsi / the province
  8. Kode Pos / the postal code

The items 2-7 are the admistrative divisons of Indonesia from the smallest to the biggest one.

For example:

Perumahan Green Ville blok A2 no. 10. Dekat kantor polisi.
RT.11 RW. 4. KEC. Kebon Jeruk. KEL. Kedoya Utara
KOTA Jakarta Barat / DKI Jakarta 11520.

By providing a complete address, it will help the expedition company to input your data correctly into their system, calculating the shipping cost in precise manner, and delivering the package to the right destination in timely manner.

If you didn’t give a complete address, sometimes the person in charge of inputing the data had to guess the rest of infomration. He do that in order for the system to accept the address and the shipping cost calculation can come out.

But this leaves a problem. The calcualation may not be correct and there may be a problem in delivery, either in the warehouse or when the delivery guy is trying to find the destination address.

How the shipping cost is calculated based on volume or weight

Each company may has different ways to calculate the cost, but here are some of the general rules:

1. Usually a package under 1,3 kg  will be calculated as 1 kg and so on. But there are companies using 1,2 kg as the limit. Other than that there’s also a company that calculate the weight up to the gram level.

2. Since a light, but big package take space, the weight of your package will also be compared with its volume. Here’s the formula:

Length x Height x Width / 6000

for example:

You package is 4 kg. But your volume is 40cm x 30cm x 25cm.

then volume formula is:

40cm x 30cm x 25cm /6000 = 5 (kg)

This means your volume is equal as a 5 kg package, then the 5 kg calculation will be used instead of 4kg.

Expedition companies in Indonesia

Sending packages is a big business in Indonesia, therefore you’ll find a lot of options available, such as:

1. JNE

This is one of the biggest expedition in Indonesia. Officially they don’t have a pick up on the spot service. But sometimes their agents (People who bought JNE franchise) may provide it.

2. J&T

J&T or JET has an official pick up service. Call their customer service and ask. They will pick your package up even if it’s only one small package.

3. POS Indonesia

This is the oldest expedition service in Indonesia.

4. Pahala

Sending packages more than 5kg, this may be one of the alternative you could choose. They usually willing to pick your packages up, if it’s totally over 50 kg.

5. Wahana

Some people choose this expedition company, because they are usually cheaper, but takes longer to send your package.

For a package valued over Rp. 299.000,- you have to insurance it.

6. Deliveree

This is an app expedition company. It’s not available in every city yet.

They deliver your package at the same day. They provide several type of vehicles depending on the weight or the size of your package, such as a motorcyle, a city car, up to a box car.

The cost is calculated from the first 5km then the subsequent km.

7. Gojek

This is also an app company founded by Nadiem Makarim. They utilizes motorcycle taxi. Besides taking passengers, they also send packages (and deliver food). The same as Deliveree they can deliver your package at the same day.


9. SAP

10. IDeX

11. ESL – Eka Sari Lorena

12. Star Cargo

People use this company to send packages over 20kg.

13. Lion Parcel

This is an air expedition company owned by Lion Air. According to a source of information, at high seasons such as Ramadhan, New Year, Chrismats, etc, when there are a surge of packages and the the capacity of the planes aren’t adequate, the packages from Lion Parcel will have the first priority then the other companies. This will ensure your package will arrive on time.

15. CMC

It’s very cheap to send heavy packages with this expedition company. But you need to use a cardboard box to send it.

Tracking your package

After you’ve completed your payment on the counter of any expedition outlet. You’ll received a receipt with a connote number. Use it to track your package location. You can track it on their official websites.

If you send heavy packages you may want to consider to use certain companies, such as Pahala, CMC, Star Cargo, etc. Because your cost will be lower.

So there you go. Now you know how to send a package in Indonesia and some of the companies available for you.

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