I Made This Simple Mistake and Piwik Stopped Working

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In this short post I want to write about my Piwik experience. A few weeks ago I made a simple mistakes causing my Piwik to stop working. This problem costs me hours.

When I look at my Piwik dashboard I notice the real time data, isn’t throwing any live data anymore. So I searched the web and I found that there were many possibilities that could cause the problem. I become really confused.

But at the end I notice something with the tracking code.

Let me ask you a question? Did you change your Piwik folder name? If yes, then that may be the source of your headache. If you changed your Piwik’s folder name, you must use a new tracking code and place it again on your web.

Ok, hopefully this post might be useful for anyone who experience the same problem as me. Cheers.

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