How to Get Original WordPress Premium Plugins for 87% Cheaper

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WordPress Premium Plugin could cost a lot. Plugin developers usually use a 1 year subscription model for one plugin or a 1 year membership model for all the plugins. It means you have to renew your subscription each year in order to receive updates and support. Oh no.. more money.

The good news is, there’s a way for you to get premium plugins/themes with less money.  If you notice, plugins/themes usually offer a developer license (The most expensive). The license allows the owner to install as many as he wishes to any websites. There are people who bought it under the the license and offer (sell) the plugin with less price, let’s say $5. You can find them on

For example, I bought a WP Rocket plugin to speed up my other website. Normally, 1 year, 1 website subscription license costs $39, but I can get it for only $5. I save 87%.

But there’s a catch. Since the plugin will be installed under a developer license, that means only the person who own the license can get a support if there’s a trouble. And if in the future he not extend his license, you won’t be able to  update your plugin.

Some words of caution, be careful when buying a service from fiverr. Because there are dishonest people selling nullify plugins. A nullified plugin bypasses registration, but you don’t know if the plugin is safe or not.

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