Is It a Good Idea to Use a Service Promising 8000 Visitors/Day and >100.000 Backlinks?

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Traffic, traffic, traffic. Everybody on the web wants traffic. Earnings from the internet depend really on the traffic. Similar like a shop owner. He wants everybody to come and visit his shop (and buy something).

On both internet and brick and mortal businesses, getting traffic could be a challenge.

It’s so hard, people want to take a shortcut, for example by using a service promising 8.000 visitors per day and over 100.000 back-links.

For most people, it will take years to reach that numbers. Unless he’s a celebrity. No wonder the offers feels tempting.

The truth, I want to use the service too, IF….

If it’s not going to cost me everything.

The reason you will loss instead of profit

Especially for you who make a living from the internet, please considers the followings.

Google doesn’t like paid links. They will take a manual action to those sites who break their quality guidelines, and erase them from its index. It means your site won’t show up anywhere in its search result.

Here are the reasons.

A backlink is considered as a vote from netizen. The vote says that a page is interesting or important.

Backlinks help Google to pull out relevant and good quality page results.

When people buy backlinks through certain service, thus the vote aren’t real. This will affect the quality of the search results. As the consequence people may not want to use Google Search Engine anymore. If people stop using Google, then its revenue will go downward.

So you can be assure Google will protect its business.

Besides, from where do those promised backlinks come from? If the backlinks derive from spammy sites or blacklisted sites by Google, you will get into trouble.

Oh yea, I forgot in the offer also states you will get 15 mio impressions. Wuhuu! Cha ching a ling ding dong. Wait, but if the visitors are 8000/day and the impression is 15 mio/day. That means in average of each person will read almost 2000 articles. That’s impossible.

Ah, maybe it supposes to be 15 mio/month. Still the impression per day is more than 500.000, 1 person will read around 60-an articles. No way! Something is fishy.

If you expect from those 15 mio will result thousands of  PPC click or sales, don’t count on it. Because who or what ever that will come probably ain’t a real person.

Another thing to consider if I’m someone who can do all that is offered, wouldn’t it be better if I create my own websites and drive those traffics and make my own Ka-Ching.

Playing a cat and a mouse with Google isn’t a good idea. Remember you don’t play only against a machine, internet users who feel disturb by the existence of your site may report you to Google too.

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