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Interesting vidoes is the currency of more views  

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Some videos take hours and money to make. But if views are the goal, more resources doesn't mean more views.

I would say INTERESTING is the currency of views.

Interesting videos can be made with less resources (or more).

Interesting can be manifested in different form. It could be funny, educational, entertaining, horor, etc.

For example, I have two videos, both basically shows the animation of SIMS4 a person punching someone in the face. But one videos is more about the technicality how I make the animation. Probably it's boring. The other one is a cool showcase. I garnish more views on the showcase one, and also likes and comments.

But of course there are another factors to increase views, for example CTR and engagement (comments, likes, share, subscribe). These two will trigger the algorithm of Youtube to promote your videos to more audiences.

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