How to Fix Crawler Error – Not Found in Google Webmaster

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Google Webmaster Tools allows you to see what’s wrong with your blog/site. One of the problems you may encounter is the Crawl Error – Not Found. It is also known as the 404 error. Should you worry about it?

As you can see, below is the example of the 404 error appearing in Sekolah A staggering number of 525 errors found.

Crawl errors page not found

What mistakes have I done? Actually, nothing and this is normal. It could happen when we made certain changes in our blog, such as:

  1. Deleting a post or a page.
  2. Changing a post url.
  3. Changing our categories structure.

In such cases you don’t have to worry about it, because according to Google it won’t affect your ranking. Pages born and dies are common things. Unless the pages were supposed to be live and found, then you need to address that.

For example, if you move a post to a different URL, you might want to redirect the old URL to the new one. So in case anyone linked to you, a user can still find the post, and also the Page Rank juice will still flow.

The mistakes I made in handling the 404 Error

First, you don’t have to remove the URL by using the URL removal tool like I did. It was a waste of time and the tool is not intended for this problem.  The use of the tool is in cases such as:
You publish a post or secret data that are not supposed to be published, but Google has already indexed it. You can remove it by using the tool.

URL removal tool

Second, ticking all of the URLs and click the MARK AS FIXED is not going to help either. They may disappear, but they will pop up again.

mark as fixed

The solution

The solution is simple. You don’t have to do anything. The URL will be dropped over time.

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