How to Change bbPress Font Size

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bbPress frustrates me. Because the font size is so small. It’s like between 11px and 12px. How to change it?

If you feel the same, I have the solution. You have to change its CSS. I assume you know already how to modify your CSS theme. Just copy paste the following code:

.bbp-forum-content {font-size:15px !important}

Below is the explanation of where each of the code affects the changes:

Change bbpress font sizeIf you click on the forum, on the next page the font is still small. Here’s the extra code you need to add (or you can combine them.

.bbp-form {font-size:15px !important}

Change bbpress font size


Adjust the font size according to your need. You might want to vary the font sizes to give a better design. Bigger font means get the first attention.

I hope this how to useful for you.

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