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How to make light still emitting light but not visible in render.
Let's say you have a big light behind your character.
Select the light > Parameter Tab > Render Emitter > Off

Custom cloth dforce explodes
When making custom cloth don't make the polygons too dense. dForce has a default collision distance of 2 mm, so if the mesh is denser that that it will build up energy and likely explode.

When exporting cloth from Blender in FBX
Make sure to tick the apply transform box. If not your cloth may become missing after applying Transfer Utility.

Applying dforce weight map
Select the cloth mesh on the Scene Tab
Menu Create > dForce Modifier Weight Node >

Open Tool Settings Pane
Active Tool: Choose Node Weight Map Brush > Add Map

Saving a character that you have made
Save it as scene subset will make it ready to use with all the cloth and stuffs.


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