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A Tutorial on How to Create SIMS 4 Clothes Custom Content  

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The required softwares:

  1. Blender 2.78.
    It's the main 3D program.
  2. Marvelous Designer (or any softwares that can create clothes mesh.)
    It can create, sew cloths from 2D cloths pattern to 3D. And it has cloth simulation.
  3. Photoshop or any image editing softwares.
  4. Sims 4 Studio.
    It's the softwares connecting between your 3d softwares and the game SIMS 4.


1. Many tutorials on Youtube has been outdated. There are missing detailed steps that will lead you into problems. Usually because they still use Blender 2.7.

2. Do not use blender version above 2.78.
Because the S4Studio CAS Tools won't appear.

You'll need this later to enter the cut number of your own mesh groups.

3. There isn't any official thorough tutorial on how to make CC. Many is based on own experience, test and error.

4. You need to have the basic knowledge of 3D stuffs, such as the terms. Otherwise it's very difficult to make your clothes CC. But if you want to start learning from doing this, be my guess.

5. Start learning from making a top clothes. It's the easiest to make. If you jumped to dress making without any knowledge. It will be a very stressful journey. Too much missing puzzles.

6. This tutorial isn't going to show step by step of how making one specific garment. Instead this tutorial only show you the principles.


The steps:

1. Download all SIMS 4 Body template, here.
You'll need one of these later for making the uv map: uv_1 of your clothes.

2. Download all Marvelous Designer avatar, here.

3. Export a female, male, child rig blender file from Sims 4 Studio

Sims4Studio > Animation (Save your package) > Clips tab

4. Create your clothes in Marvelous Designer (MD).
Suggested tutorials:


A. Change your mesh into Quad instead of Triangle.
The reason is Triangle cause edge flow that will cause ugly deformation in the game (poking triangles). Click here to understand more on edge flow.

3 Ways to change your mesh from Quad to Triangle

  1. Settings > User Settings > 3D > Mesh: Choose Quad, or
  2. Select all pattern CTRL + A > RMB on the 3D garment > Quadrangulate, or
  3. Select all pattern CTRL + A > Look at the Property Editor - Miscellaneous (expand it) > Mesh Type : Quad

B. Retopology

Still in relation to edge flow to make your meshes appropriate for animation.

Do not use Remeshing (Beta)

C. Arrange your Marvelous Designer UV

  1. Change to UV Editor
  2. Choose Fit UV to unified (0-1)
    This will fit all you uv inside that 0 1 coordinate
  3. Set UV from pattern alignment.
    This will make you uv_map in accordance to your 2D pattern alighnment.

5. Export your clothes from MD to Blender as OBJ.


How to export

File > Export > OBJ

here's the settings

6.Open a female, male or child rig blend file according to your need.

7. Import the garment OBJ file to Blender

File > Import > Wavefront(.obj)

8. Delete the vertices of the body mesh under your clothes.
Because it won't be visible in the game and less polygons mean faster game.
Make sure to enable select of your rig mesh in the outliner.

9. Close all the holes of your clothes.

There are two ways of doing this. Use it in accordance to your need or situation:

  1. Click the vertices > Press F to make a face > Click the vertices again > Press U to unwrap it > Select the type of unwrapping that suits you
  2. Click the vertices > Press E to extrude > Press S to scale it > Alt + M and merge it at center >

To work on this you need to understand how to select vertices on the 3D View and UV Map.

10. Data transfer uv_1

Note: If you watch many tutorials on YouTube, you'll see that they joined their garment mesh with the body mesh before data transferring. But the S4S moderator - mauvemorn said not to do that until the garment is fully functional: rigged, vertex painted, and uv_1 transferred. Beacause it might cause the uvs and weights not to transfer correctly to the body in the finger/ankle/neck area. While uvs will not cause you problems, weights in the finger area might get messed.

Here I showed how to do it (quoted text only)


uv_0 map is for texturing the skin body.
uv_1 map defines how the the mesh will deform when adjusted with sliders in CAS.

This is how uv_1 looks like. This is the EA UV map representing the body from the neck to the calf.

Click RMB of your clothes on Object mode

Change the name of your clothes uv_map to uv_0

Add another uv_map, change the name to uv_1. But this uv_1 is empty, thus you need to transfer it from a clone (that's the terms S4S uses).

Open S4S > CAS (Create CAS Standalone)

Append it to blender

You'll see mesh groups on the Outliner with names like:



Join all of them CTRL + J

Delete rig.001, bone_bone_shape.001. You don't need them.






5. Do weight transfer
Suggested tutorial:

6. Do vertex paint

7. Divide you garment into group meshes.

You have to divide your garment  in several mesh groups in accordance to your clone reference.

How to do it?

Select your garment > in edit mode select your mesh > Press P to seperate > Selection

8. Give your group mesh a cut number in accordance to your reference.

9. Join the group meshes with the body part

Join the above waist line top with upper body without the head.
Join the below waist line bottom with the lower body without the feet.



1. When creating a long dress, which S4S dress should be used for importing the mesh?
The one that is the closest to yours in length. Dresses are rigged and cut differently depending on length;

2. Many S4S dresses has different cut/group mesh. Do I have to cut my long dress too in accordance to the S4S I choose to use?
Meshes are cut into multiple meshgroups to tune each of them differently. In the case with long dresses, it is done to hide shoes. If you won’t do it, the shoes might poke out

3. Do I have to follow the preexisting dress length when creating a custom dress?
You need to follow the logic of maxis meshes. Clone the tallest boots and look at how they are cut (in 3 meshgroups). If the dress goes below ankles, it should hide the last two meshgroups. If it is floor-length, it should hide all meshgroups.

4. If I had a long dress mesh, is it okay to use the top nude s4s mesh for importing?
No, never import full-body items into tops or bottoms. They are affected by different bones and have different slotraysinteractions.
Also, do not clone nude body parts because they come with a buff that can make sims embarrassed when wearing your cc.


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