AdSense: An Analysis on a Theory of Making $100/Month within 2 Months

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Some days ago, in the discussion forum I moderated, there was a member shared how to achieve $100/month from AdSense just within 2 months.

My first impression, wow, that’s fast. My next question, can it really be done?

For that reason, today I want to analyze that theory. Please note, I say a theory because the person who shared the “how to” have never done it by himself. So, my guess, he picked it up somewhere from the web.

Nevertheless, it’s an interesting theory to be discussed.

The purpose of this analysis is to educate me, you and all the newbies, to see whether an AdSense’s how-tos makes sense or achievable. So in the future, you can run your own analysis against a claims/how-tos/theories and take your own conclusions.

The theory

First, let’s hear the theory (I’ve shortened it):

Create 5 websites. Each filled with 5 posts per day. Take the HPK niche and do SEO. Run it in two months. If each web on the worse case generates $1 per day, thus 5 websites will generate 150 per month.

HPK means High Paying Keyword.

How hard is it to apply the theory?

If you have 5 websites filled with 5 articles per day, that means you have to produce:

5 websites x 5  posts  = 25 posts per day

If 1 posts = 300words, thus 25 posts mean:

25 x 300 words = 7500 words per day

To achieve this target, there are several methods that you could use:

  1. Create your own original content
  2. Copy paste other people’s works
  3. Use an article spinner
  4. Rewrite other people articles
  5. Pay people to write
  6. Work together

Let’s discuss these methods one by one.

#1. Create your own original content

How hard is it to write 7500 words per day all by yourself? Let me give you a picture, if you open a Microsoft Word with all its default settings, 7500 words will be around 28 pages of A4.

If you search Google you’ll find that Stephen King writes 2000 words per day. That means to achieve the target, you have to become 3x more diligent than him.

Next, try to write a topic related to insurance, finance, or health. Usually, the people targeting the HPK don’t have any background whatsoever with those kind topics. Try how hard it is to write something that you don’t know.

Do it consistently for 60 days.

#2. Copy paste other people’s works

This is the easiest method, because all you have to do is CTRL + C and CTRL + V and voilla! The target of 7500 per words per day can be achieved easily.

But you could jeopardize your Google AdSense due to copyright infringement. Besides you’ll have duplicate contents in your sites. If you have  a lot of duplicate contents, that may alert Google.

#3. Use an article spinner

Article spinner is a software to create a new article out of an old one. The software can replace words with synonyms

So, you take other people’s article, you spin it, then you’ll have a new “unique and original” article.

The disadvantage of a spinner is currently it doesn’t understand context, thus the lines become awkward. People has to spend more  time to edit it.

I myself never really use this kind of software. How much time the whole process acquire I don’t have any clue. Maybe you can comment below, if you have any experience.

#4. Rewrite other people article

Rewrite means, you read someone’s article, understand it, then you write it with your own words.

The workload to create the content is less compared to no. #1 method. Because you don’t have to gather the materials by yourself you don’t have to educate yourself on the subject. But still you need to be 3x more dilligent than Stephen King and change the words from its original content.

#5. Pay writers to write the articles

To know how much money you’ll need to spend on writers, let’s see how many posts you’ll need to produce each month:

5 web x 5 artikel x 30 hari = 750 posts per month

Let’s say 1 Indonesian post with 300 words cost you around Rp.10.000-Rp25.000, thus to meet the target of 750 posts per month, you need to spend:

750 x Rp.10.000 = Rp. Rp. 7.500.000 per month

up to

750 x Rp. 25.000 = Rp.18.750.000  per month

It means in two months you’ll have to spend between:


up to 


If you use foreign writer, the cost of 1 English article could be above $3,5. Usually the more expensive he is, the better the quality. If $1 = Rp.14.000, thus you’ll have to spend at least around:

750 x 3,5 x Rp.14.000 = Rp. 36.750.000 per month

That means in two months you have to spend at least:

Rp. 73.500.000

Do you have that kind of a big budget to produce at least one million per month (theory)?

#6. Work Together

If you could create a team of 5 people, it would be a lot easier to meet the 25 posts with min. 7500 words per day target.

If there are 5 people. Each is in charge on one niche, then each person will only need to create 5 posts of min. 1500 words in total.

This method is still visible.

Even though there will be a profit sharing, if you can generate $150 per month from 5 websites, thus each will get around $30 or Rp.400.000. It’s not much, but you can pay out every month. Much better once a year.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Meeting the content quote is just half of the battle. The theory above aims for HPK.

Please do remember, if there’s money, there will be people gather. Possibly there will be old players. So you have to compete with them in the search engine result page for ranking.

To be able to rank, you’ll need quality backlinks. You need to know, not everybody has natural backlinks. Some of them have a Private Blog Network/PBN. These are the guys with money that have high PR sites that backlink to their main money sites generator.

Although Google itself doesn’t like the practice, but there are people who are still doing it.

Do you have a good understanding on SEO?


Please note the above theory doesn’t consider the number of visitors, CTR or CPC it would generate It only assumes that each website will generate $1 per day, thus a total of $150 per month.

Please also note the theory also never guarantee a 100% success, nor supported by real practice evidence. It doesn’t also provide the content language used. As you should know Indonesian contents have much less CPC compared to English content

There are two major things that have to be fulfilled in this theory:

  1. Content quote of 25 posts per day – min. 7500 words
  2. Good knowledge on SEO

Can the content quote be met, depends on the method chosen.

Method #1 – Create your own original content
With knowledge limitation on the topic and time, it is definitely impossible to achieve the target. It doesn’t matter how strong your will and motivation are.

Method #2 – Copy paste other people’s works
This method is an enemies seeking method and it will jeopardize your Google Account.

Method #3 – Use an article spinner
Because I don’t have any experience on article spinner, I can’t give any comment.

Method #4 – Rewrite other people articles
The workload of this method is less heavy compared to the method #1, but still it’s too heavy to do it on your own.

Method #5 – Pay people to write
This is the most expensive method, but can save you a lot of your time. The target can be achieved, if you have big capital at front.

Method #6 – Work together
This is another more reasonable method. With minimum 5 people, the target can be achieved even when combined with method #1 or #4.

Creating contents are just 1/2 of the battle. Because if you can’t appear on the first page of SERP, thus it will be very difficult to get traffic. You need a good SEO knowledge since you’ll be also competing with maybe SEO masters and big brands.

So this theory can be done with notes. But even if all the conditions are met, would it generate $100 per month within 2 month? Sadly the question can’t be answered here. You must try yourselves and see the result.

Ok, that is my analysis and my conclusions, hopefully through this articles, every time you read some AdSense advice out there, you can be more critical, whether is it visible or not.

Remember motivation only doesn’t cut. It is important, but human has limits. When the obstacles are bigger than our abilities and resources, that’s where we need to learn strategies.

My suggestion is, don’t underestimate the difficulty of generating your first $100/month from AdSense. Good luck with your AdSense journey.

Please do comment if you have any opinion.


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