5 Things to Consider Before Wasting Your Time with AdSense

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It’s been 1,8 years of a constant serious blogging. I think I have enough credibility for what I’m going to say. Maybe you’ve heard about people getting a stream of income from AdSense and you’re thinking about quitting your job and get your freedom.

But before you jump and die, or waste your time, you might want to consider some knowledge I pick up along the way.

#1 Avoid attracting ads blind visitors


Don’t pick a niche/topic that attracts bloggers and webmasters. Because they are ads blind. They know very well how ads look like, and are trained to ignore them.

For example, don’t pick up a niche about blogging. I understand how easy it is to be tempted to create a blog about blogging. Especially as a newbie blogger, you’ll learn a lot of things related to blogging. Thus, you’ll have many materials to be turned into contents.

But let’s learn from the pro. Problogger.com is considered as the authority in the field of blogging. Darren Rowse, the founder, is also an AdSense Publisher. He removes AdSense ads from his Problogger site. Why? The same reason as mentioned above.

If AdSense works in a niche about blogging, then an established site like Problogger should make money from it, right? But the fact that Darren removes it, then it should tell us something.

Note, he still uses AdSense on his Digital Photography School. That means AdSense still can be a good income in a more suitable niche.

#2 Pick a product or a service related niche


First, you need to understand that AdSense is a content based ad. It analyzes the content of your post and delivers the most relevant ads.

Second, people advertise to sell products or services.

Seeing the both situations, in order to have a better match between your contents and the ads available, you should consider to cover a closely related to a product or a service niche. Plus, if it’s in an industry that has a big marketing budget to buy customers, you’ll have a better chance to succeed in AdSense.

I understand this could be a challenge. Especially, when your expertise or passion isn’t related to a product or a service. Then, you might want to consider another way of monetizing, or you have to bring a monstrous traffic to your site.

#3 Consider the visitors’ intent

Credit Card

The other things you need to consider is the intent of your visitors. If your visitors mostly the people that are in the buying mood, they are more likely to click an ad if they see the relevancy. But for those who just looking for information on how to use a product, or visiting just for entertainment, then they will less likely click your AdSense ads.

It doesn’t mean that a non product/service related site can’t be successful, but you’ll need a hell lot of traffic, such as: listverse.com

#4 Consider the language of your target visitors


You can make more money from AdSense if the advertisers are willing to spend more money on Google. You should know that different countries have different spending habits. That means if you attract visitors from countries that have many advertisers and a big spending on Google ads. You should see a better average on your CPC – Cost Per Click.

At the beginning I didn’t know about this fact. I even planned to blog in Japanese. But I found out that in Japan, people use Yahoo Japan instead of Google as their search engine preference. That means Google doesn’t have a lot of market share over there and that will definitely influence my earnings.

Based on the research done by WordStream: Average Cost per Click by Country: Where in the World Are the Highest CPCs? United Arab Emirates has the highest CPC average, 8% greater than US. And the top ten highest CPC excluding UAE and US are:

  1. Austria
  2. Australia
  3. Brazil
  4. The United Kingdom
  5. New Zealand
  6. Chile
  7. Switzerland
  8. Italy
  9. Canada
  10. Germany

By looking at the data, if you can blog in Arabic, you may have more chance to make more money, but if you can’t, at least consider to use English. Since most of the countries in the top 10 speak English.

#5 Consider to build credibility


I think credibility is very important. It’s the carat of your words. People want to hear from someone they can trust. Someone who walks the talk. A person who has been there and know what he’s talking about.

Many AdSense Publishers choose to go after a potentially high paying niche, even though it’s not their expertise. What they do, is they pay random freelance writers to write certain topic and put the contents out there. The problem is the writers may have no any related background about the topic.

I actually don’t want to bother how people make money, but I especially eerie, when my friends share a post about cancer from a suspicious blog, with .blogspot.com on the back of its URL.

Once I checked it. Below the post stated the source of the post. The source seems from some kind of a health institution. But when I searched for the name, it was a blogspot site with a very ugly design and didn’t convey any trust that it was a real deal.

Another example, Neil Patel claimed that he can make any site to become a $100.000 in one year. He took the challenge of creating a nutrition site and openly disclose the progress to his audiences.

He uses himself as the nutritionist. Now, you should know, Neil is a marketer and not a nutritionist, and this bring doubt to some people about the credibility of his writing. Even though he claimed he was consulting with real nutritionists, but still…

So he decided to change himself with a real nutritionist to bring up credibility.

It doesn’t mean you can’t hire a writer. The famous Digital Photography School site hires writers, but they are people who know photography and they put the name and the face of the author and they have some works to prove their experience.

dps author

Final words

In my opinion success is not achieved by doing one thing right. It is by doing several things right.

It would be ideal if we could do all the 5 things to be considered above. But I understand, that we all have our limits. For example, many of my fellow AdSense Publishers couldn’t speak English; It took me 1,5 years to decide to write in English. Because I don’t have the confidence.

Whatever your case is, I advise you to use all the things that you have to the max. Don’t look how green the grass of your neighbor. Look at your garden and what can you do about it.

I myself have my own struggles. I see them as a chance. Because opportunities are created in problems. We just need to figure out the answer.

Hopefully this post could bring you inspiration. If you have any questions regarding to the post, please comment below.

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