[Report Update 1] Will 1000 Posts Generate $100/Mo from AdSense?

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Hello and welcome to dUS. This post is the first report on my  AdSense experiment: Will 1000 Posts in Bahasa Indonesia Generate $100/Mo?

Before you continue reading this post, I suggest you to read the first post if you haven’t. So you can understand the background and the purpose of this experiment.

Now for the good news. Finally, on August 14th, 2015, I’ve published the 1000th post in 20 days. Yayyy!!!

1000 posts

I know some of you may be surprised with the number. It’s insane.

For you who don’t have any idea why it’s insane, let me give you a comparison. If you write a post every day on your own, a thousand original, unique and good quality posts would probably take 3 years to achieve.

The fact is, most people can’t publish a post every day. They would take even longer to get there. So If I’m able to compress 3 years time frame into 20 days, then it means only one thing.

I am Superman.

No, I’m kidding. I’ll explain everything below.

And I will tell you how much money the site make in 20 days.

The changes

First, I want to inform a few changes I made since the initial plan:

  1. I use Avada Theme instead of StudioPress.
    The reason is because I want the site to look better.
  2. I reduce the 3 months goal to 20 days.
    The reason is because I don’t want to spend too much time on this experiment. This is an interesting experiment, but the process is very boring.
  3. Initially, the total words per post was only up to 300 words, now is between 50 and 1000 words.
    The reason, you’ll know after reading this post.

The WordPress plugins I use

Currently, I’m using only 7 plugins:

  1. Ad Inserter – an AdSense ads management
  2. Akismet – a comment spam management
  3. Fusion Core – the core plugin for ThemeFusion Themes
  4. Heartbeat Control – controlling the WP Heartbeat API to prevent hosting resources over usage
  5. Jetpack by WordPress.com – for an easy site stats.
  6. W3 Total Cache – a caching management
  7. WordPress SEO – a post and site SEO Management

How I create 1000 posts in 20 days

At first I set a goal to write 13 posts per day and this experiment will be completed in 3 months. But soon I realized even writing only up to 300 words per post, it’s too difficult to achieve and not realistic.

Furthermore, I don’t have the passion to grow the site. I only do it for the sake of the experiment. So I decided not to put my time in the content creation anymore and borrow other people’s content.

So, the reality is, the only way I can achieve 1000 post in 20 days is by not using my own content.

Please note: I fully understand that some of the methods I use in this experiment are technically a copyright infringement, even though I use the word ‘borrow’, and I may expose myself to some bad case scenarios. So, I don’t recommend anyone to use the some of the methods I used in this experiment to make money from AdSense.

Now, here’s how I produced the contents:

  1. Scan from magazines – I use a CanonScan Lide 110 scanner and an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software to transfer an image to text. This method allowed me to publish over 100 posts per day.
  2. Rewrite – I rewrite some Wikipedia posts and some Indonesian traditional stories.
  3. Translate – I translate a few of Ezine articles from English to Indonesian.
  4. Use my old posts – I moved some dUS old articles to the experiment site.
  5. Write my own – There are a few new posts that I wrote on my own.
  6. A post from a friend.

From the 6 methods, I used #1 heavily. I can publish 30, 50 and over 100 contents per day. 50 posts usually takes around 5 hours, that includes the break and play time.

The publishing speed using method no. 1 is determined by:

  1. The layout – The simpler the layout of a magazine is, the faster the process will be.
  2. How many scan it takes – If a mag article has two pages, then the scanning process has to run twice, which will add extra time to publish one post, but it will have more depth and information.
  3. Search time – If I have to search to pick the content I want to use, this will also add some extra time.

For your information, the quality of the contents I took from the magazine is mostly a good quality. Each post I published may contain around 50-1000 words.

Currently, I don’t format my posts and I don’t use images. Only around 1 % that does.

The posts and traffic progress

The first visitor

This is the traffic statistic of the site from July 26th to  August 14th, 2015.

The graph shows my first visitor was on August 1st. Well, that’s my own visit, so count that out. The first real visitor was on August 2nd. The visitor started to come in 8 days. That was after I’ve published around 120 posts.

On August 6th, I’ve published 359 posts and Google still send me some traffic. The traffic is growing slowly ever since.

On August 9th, I reached half of the journey. I’ve published 500 posts in total. There was always small traffic and the bounce rate was still high.

On August 14th, I’ve reached my 1000 posts goal. The traffic seems to keep increasing. The highest Pageview is 14 PV.

In 20 days, the traffic is around 1% to 1.5% of the total posts published.

How much money does the site generate?

The resource says it takes 1000-3000 unique visitors (UV) to generate $3.5 per day. As you can see from the statistic, currently the site only get at best, 11 UV per day.

So you can guess, that the site don’t make any money right now.


Having 1000 posts doesn’t automatically give you thousands of unique visitors. That means even if you can buy 1000 posts today, don’t expect the money to start rolling in the next day. The success of achieving at least $100/mo from AdSense doesn’t depend on the number of posts alone.

But I have to admit getting the first reader from the search engine is a lot faster than when I started dUS. Just in 8 days.

As for today, the answer of the question:
Can 1000 posts generate $100 per month? No.
But will it be in the future? Maybe. We have to see and wait.

The future plan

I will let this site alone for 3 months and see the growth. I will only allocate my time around 5-10% for the maintenance.

Final words

If you’ve been following this blog, you may have read the post: AdSense: An Analysis on a Theory of Making $100/Month within 2 Months. On that post, I mentioned about creating massive content similar to  this experiment. I want to highlight this topic for newbies.

When I was just starting out, I read about blogspot farming. It is a method of creating a niche blog, one after another using blogspot to create an income from AdSense.

It seems that they can achieve their success in short period of time, and you may wonder how they manage all those blogs. How do they create those contents for all those blogs. Because there you are sitting in front of laptop, staring at that blinking cursor, struggling to make even a single post.

Let me tell you a little secret. It is not easy to create one good post. It takes a lot of times. Just look at this post, it takes 20 days of hardwork. And here’s the reality, you’ll never keep up with those blogspot farmers.

The truth is most of the time they just reuse/rephrase/rewrite contents. They who got the money, hires writers to write for them. Some of them steal other people contents, either by copy pasting or using an auto generated content technique.

By bringing this topic up, I want to put your expectation into perspective. If you are planning to match this experiment progress by writing 1000 posts in 20 days on your own, it will never happen. Or if you’re planning to create 100 successful blogs in short period of time, you are shooting to the moon. There’s a limit on what one man can do.

Let me emphasize one thing, the main purpose of this experiment not to teach how to create 1000 posts in 20 days, but to show you, whether quantity can help you to generate $100/mo from AdSense. If it does, there are other strategies you can pick. For example: A blogger named Gee John creates a collaboration with other writers to work together on erudisi.com.

I hope you can learn something from this report and I wish to hear your comments, opinion, and inputs.

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  1. Bekti Hargyandani
    | Reply

    Very nice experimen Bro…
    So, the conclusion about those post is “A little articels with good quality is better then more articles with low quality”.
    Be your success story and Congratulations!
    -Seo Blog Info Trend-

  2. Din
    | Reply

    No matter how many your blog’s contents, you need more time to generate traffic from search engine.

    • Juan feju
      | Reply

      It seems so. I’ve read also from Neil Patel’s experiment. He is a marketing guy. He said no matter how many or how good your backlinks are, Google will make sure, you’ll rise slowly. It probably takes 6 months before the backlinks shows its effect.
      In my case I don’t even use any backlink.

  3. Sutan Mudo
    | Reply

    I must say 1000 post for 3 months was a crazy project to do. Thanks for sharing this information. I still believe that adsense is a good program and it does need efforts to achieve first payment. As for me i do not get the PO from adsense just yet but I believe one day I could make great contents for my new sites. Thanks again for sharing this project with me.

    • Juan feju
      | Reply

      You’re welcome hopefully you’ll find a better way to achieve your goal faster. Because in my opinion, just creating contents may get to your goal, but it takes too much time. So, strategies need to be put in place other than creating contents.

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